Mixing Monitors: The Results

Last week I posted about the importance of mixing monitors properly on stage so as to not hurt the musicians ability to hear themselves, but also so that they aren’t so loud that it hurts our main mix.  We had a good talk with our worship team to let them know our plans going forward and they were on board and were really happy with the results.  If you haven’t read the post yet, take a read here.

Tuesday night at worship practice we had a few of the musicians from Sunday morning and we asked them how they felt it went on Sunday.  They said things were different on Sunday, with the monitors being quieter they really noticed the “room” more.  A few of them said it was too quiet for them, so obviously some adjustments are still needed.  I’ve encouraged the team to make sure to let me (or whoever is running FOH sound) know right away if changes are needed.  As much as I want to control the monitor mix, I don’t want the musicians to feel they can’t ask for corrections in the mix.

The sound in the room was good on Sunday.  We didn’t need to push the sound as loud (although we still might have haha).  The most important part though about this is having the band feel more comfortable.  I said a few sentences ago that a few of the band members actually felt they couldn’t hear themselves enough, that means we may have tilted the scale too far the wrong way.  The vocalists did feel more comfortable, the sound wasn’t blasting their ears, but was loud enough for them to hear themselves, and it showed in their comfort level onstage.  That comfort level onstage, where they aren’t worrying about what they’re hearing will result in better singing/playing by them, which will result in our mixes sounded more defined.  

This is a continual process, and making change in a team of volunteers that are only on every 3 weeks or so will take time, but we are headed there.  The process of reminding the musicians/singers/sound volunteers that we are all together in making the mix right, we all have our part. 


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    Fantastic article!

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